Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Relay Game Idea – Potato Chip Can Relay

A few weeks ago, I helped out at the field day at my kid’s school and was really impressed by one of the games that they played. Both of these were very simple in prep and cleanup and could easily be played at a Memorial Day cookout or other party.

What you need:

• Two empty potato chip cans
• Two balls (baseball sized)
• Four cones or other markers

Before the relay:

1. Set up the cones so that two cones are about 25 feet from each other.

2. Divide the kids into two even teams.

3. Show the kids how to balance the ball on the open end of the potate chip can.

4. Explain that when you say go that they will need to walk or run to the other cone and back while balancing the ball on the potatoe chip can. If they drop the ball, they will need to start over.

5. When they get back to the starting line, they hand the ball and can to the next child. Tell the kids that the first time to have all of their players make it to the cone and back wins.

6. Start the race and watch the kids have fun. When the race is over, congratulate the winning team. If the kids had fun, be sure to have another race.

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