Monday, July 12, 2010

Cleanup Idea - Dress for the Chore

An easy way to make cleanup more fun is to have a special dress up outfit for cleaning. For younger kids, find a silly hat, such as a princess tiara or cowboy hat, and designate it their cleanup hat. Keep it in a special place and only bring it out when it’s time to clean up. Pamela Waterman, mom of three, would give each of her daughters a different color bandana to wear during cleanup time.

When it’s time for Shayla Perry’s four kids to help around the house, she tells her kids that they are now part of the “Official Cleaning Crew.” She had her kids come up with a name for their cleaning service, and she wrote their names and name of their company on fabric aprons. She gives each kid plastic gloves and walkie talkies. The kids enjoy updating each other on their walkie talkies. Her son is the designated “foreman” and delegates tasks to the rest of the “crew.” You can also give each child a bucket with their name on it for their cleaning supplies.

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