Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Looking for Ways to Occupy Your Kids on a Trip?

If you are headed on a late summer vacation and looking for a way to amuse your child on the trip, check out the Never Bored Books by Evan Moore. These books are brightly colored activity books that are both educational and fun. The books are divided by age and start at age four and go up to age nine. The activities vary from word searches, to cut-and-paste art simple projects. My kids always ask for me to pick up a new one before we head out of town. These would be good for the car, plane or at a hotel room.

Since some of the activities require glue and scissors, I put a glue stick, scissors, crayons and pencil in a bag for each child. Be sure that if you are flying on a plane that you pack the scissors instead of trying to carry them on.

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