Monday, April 26, 2010

Two Simple Art Projects

If you are looking for an easy art project for your toddler or preschooler, try these easy crafts.

Paper Towel Roll Necklace
Cut a paper towel roll horizontally to create five rings. Have your child decorate the rings with stickers, crayons or markers. Show her how to put the rings onto a piece of yarn to make a necklace. You can also create a bracelet for your child, but making a horizontal cut on one of the rings so that it will slip over your toddler’s wrist.

Toilet Paper Binoculars
If you are going on a nature walk, make a pair of binoculars for your child. Tape two toilet paper rolls together and have your child decorate the rolls. We painted our binoculars, but kids think they are just as fun plain or with stickers. Punch a hole on the side of each roll and tie a piece of yarn so that the binoculars will hang around your child’s neck. Show your child how to look through the tubes.

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  1. I'm loving the paper towel roll binoculars! How cool!