Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pretend to be an Animal - Fun Way to Get Your Kids to the Car

When I need my kids to leave the park or head to the car, I suggest that everyone pretend to be an animal. We then hop like a frog, fly like a bee or waddle like a duck, complete with the animal noises. The kids think it is hilarious to see mom buzzing like a bee through the parking lot. The more dramatic I am, the more the kids get into it. The trick is that all of the grownups have to pretend to be an animal also.

To mix things up, sometimes I suggest a category like farm animals or sea animals and everyone would choose their favorite animal. The first time we did it, I worried that people would look at us funny and was surprised that we got way more smiles than anything else. Instead of the kids complaining that they didn’t want to leave, Laurel and Trevor are smiling and laughing by the time we get to the car.

What are some fun ways that you get your kids to leave somewhere and head to the car?


  1. I'm going to try this the next time the kids are dawdling instead of having to use "the Daddy voice" to keep them moving. Goofy and efficient all at once

  2. Great blog... I've tried this before and it works. Try waddling like ducks in a row is always fun and the kids love it.