Monday, May 3, 2010

Create a Class Bouquet for Your Child’s Teacher

Since this week is Teacher Appreciation Week, the room parent for my son’s class sent home a list of things to do each day for the teacher. Today each child was supposed to bring a flower (either purchased or from their garden at home) and bring it to school. The room parent brought in a vase for the teacher and helped each student put their flower in the vase. The class then gave the flower bouquet that they had all helped create to the teacher.

My son had a great time searching the yard for the perfect flower to bring and was very proud of the white “snowball” flower that he brought in. It meant a lot more to him since he picked it out than if I had bought a gift card from the store for the teacher. I thought this was a beautiful and inexpensive way to honor the teacher. One of the reasons that I liked this idea so much is that it shows our kids that oftentimes the best presents are free.

How are you appreciating your child’s teacher this week?


  1. My son's class did the same thing with the flowers. He enjoyed doing it also.

  2. Sweet, simple idea. My daughter left a handmade heart on her teacher's desk and the class is providing a potluck of snacks in the teacher's lounge this week. Her school also sent home a list of ideas about how to show love to the teachers and staff--the list included "hugs."

  3. I love this idea! We just sent along a store-bought card with a personal note that we wrote to her inside. If I had better planned for it, I would have had my son make a card for her and sign his name to it. The idea of a flower that a child picks for a teacher is such a sweet gesture. I'm going to keep that idea in mind for next year!