Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Half Birthday

Since we celebrated my daughters half birthday last week, I thought it would the perfect day to share one of our favorite family traditions with you. I know that you probably have a puzzled look on your face and wondering what in the heck is a half birthday, so let me explain. Half birthdays are the six months from your birthday.

I know that you are probably, saying to yourself, ugh, just what I need, another day where I feel the pressure to do something. Half birthdays are simpler (just our family) and allow us a chance to put the focus on the child instead of the presents and celebration. To me our half birthday celebrations are what I wish birthdays could be. And since it’s just a half birthday, if the day isn’t convenient, then we celebrate on another day.

I came up with this idea in the spring of 2004 when everyone in our house was tired and stressed from a very tough year. I realized that my Laurel would be two and a half in a few days and decided that we needed some fun in our house. So with a six pack of pink cupcakes, a large Winnie the Pooh Balloon and a happy meal from McDonalds, a new family tradition was born.

The celebrations are kept simple. The kids get to pick what they want the family to eat for dinner; my daughter has been very loyal to the golden arches while my son is partial to steak and broccoli. After dinner, we eat cupcakes that the half birthday kid has picked out from Target and sing happy half birthday. And yes, they get to make a wish. Deciding which cupcakes they will select is an important selection and my kids request to check out the cupcakes in anticipation for their half birthday for months ahead of time. One of my favorite parts of the celebration is when we all take turns saying why we like that person and share a memory of the person for the past 6 months.


  1. Half birthdays are also good for the kids to learn the months and then count 6 months from their birthday. Good math skills, too.

    Simple is good.

  2. Jan, great point about the math skills!