Thursday, May 13, 2010

Impromptu Water Park

Last week was really hot here in North Carolina and my kids wanted to go swimming, but the pools won’t be open for another week or two. We turned our front yard into a make shift water park.

We filled up our small pool, brought out the slip n slide and even filled up some water balloons left over from last summer. I was surprised how quickly the neighborhood boys flocked to our house at the mere sight of water balloons. As an afterthought, I turned on the sprinkler and was amazed that the kids spent at least an hour playing in sprinkler. It made me remember that oftentimes the simplest things are really the best.

When they waterlogged, I pulled out some clean paint brushes (larger ones that we use for house painting projects) and gave each child a bucket of water. My kids spent hours painting the driveway with water. At one point, the boys found the water guns from last summer and began battling in the front yard. While my daughter and I were not as amused, the boys were delighted.

When my kids were toddlers and preschoolers, I would fill up a large plastic container with water and put in some toys. This was a lot easier than filling up the kiddie pool and provided just as much fun for the kids.

Any water related ideas that your kids enjoy?

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  1. No stories. But I love your inventiveness. Have a great, crisis-free weekend, Roland