Thursday, May 6, 2010

Last Minute Mother's Day Craft Ideas

Although my family has given me many wonderful Mother's Day gifts over the years, my favorite ones have been the handmade ones. One year my husband painted an old end-table and had the kids decorate it with their handprints. I cried when they gave it to me and am sure that it will be one of my most treasured possessions for the rest of my life.

If any dad’s are looking for some last minute gifts to help their child make, here are a few easy suggestions.

Decorated Flower Pot

Buy a small medium-sized terra cotta flower pot and have your child paint the pot. After the paint dries, decorate the pot with foam stickers or sequins. Pick out a pretty plant or flower and plant it in the pot together. Be sure to have your child write her name and age on the bottom of the pot.

Special Picture Frame

Have your child paint an unfinished wooden picture frame his mother's favorite color. Help him decorate the frame with stickers, buttons or other trinkets. Be sure to put a new or favorite photo of your child in the frame.

Be sure to have your child make a homemade card and help you wrap the presents. Have fun making mother’s day crafts together!

What mother’s day crafts have you enjoyed receiving or making?

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  1. What great ideas for Mother's Day Gifts--or any occassion!

    I still love all of the Mother's Day gifts that my chilren made me. The ones I use daily include: a wooden napkin holder that prevents the napkins from blowing awsy at an outdoors bar-b-que; a drink holder that I can place near my computer, and many, many small decorated boxes to hold keys, rings, trinkets.

    I especially like your idea of always including the child's name and age on each homemade gift. I wish that information was on my treasured memoirs today.