Friday, June 18, 2010

Connecting with Grandparents - Set Up Dates

Although babysitting grandchildren is a good way to spend time together, it is also important for children spend time with their grandchildren on other occasions. For grandparents who live close by, set up a regular time each week or month for your kids to spend time with them. This establishes a relationship and memories outside of you and other siblings. The date can be for a few hours after school or for a sleepover on the weekend. By setting a regular schedule, such as the first Saturday of the month or every other Wednesday, this special time together is less likely to get overlooked. If your child’s grandparents live long distance, try to set up a date for your child to spend time alone with their grandparent during visits.

Since one set of my children's grandparent's live very close, we have set up weekly dates and I have been happily surprised at what a positive impact it is had on their relationship. Both my kids and grandparents look forward to their date.

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