Thursday, July 22, 2010

Swimming Safety Tips

Earlier in the summer I interviewed Peter McKenzie at teh Great Wolf Lodge about water safety. Since we are in the heart of pool season, I thought it would be a good time to share his tips for keeping your kids safe in the water.

 Peter McKenzie, director of aquatics, Great Wolf Lodge – Concord, recommends that if your child is not an independent swimmer you should have them wear a Coast Guard approved life jacket when in the water. “Water wings and other learn-to-swim devices are not life saving devices,” says McKenzie. He also encourages parents to participate with their child in the water and stay within an arms length of her while swimming. “Children can drown in under a minute. Things can happen very quickly in the water,” says McKenzie.

Be sure to watch your children at all times when they are in the water and do not rely on lifeguards to supervise your kids. If you are with a group of friends or at a private pool, do not assume that someone else is watching your kids just because there are a lot of people around. You may want to designate at least one person who does not participate in the conversation to watch the kids for a certain period of time and take turns.

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