Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Giveaway: Paula Deen's Cooking for the Lunchbox Set

Cooking with your kid is a great way to spend time with your kid over the summer. You can also make it educational by having preschoolers count the number of stirs and set the timer. Older kids can read the recipe, learn about measurements and write a shopping lists.

This week we are going to giveaway Paula Deen's Cooking for the Lunchbox set. Here's how it works: Post your favorite tip for cooking with kids as a comment to this post by Sunday, June 6th. You can post your favorite cookbook/recipe, favorite tip for making the project run smoothly or a way to make it educational.

A winner will be picked at random from everyone who comments and will be announced on Monday.


  1. My biggest tip is come to the table with a fun attitude and lower your expectations as the parent. They will learn more and have fun when you enjoy them. It will be messy and not perfect but it will be their creation.

    Great post, idea and gift, wb! Wow!

  2. I guess my tip is cookie cutters for the picky eater. Or, for instance when using whole wheat bread, make the sandwich a fun shape then things just taste much better! Bread, meat, carrot bread,zucchini bread and etc.

  3. Considering my little one is only 2.5 months old, my cooking tips are limited. But I have recently discovered that he enjoys sitting in his bouncy seat in the kithen while I am making dinner. I tell him about everything I am doing (now Mommy is browning the meat...) and he thinks it is all hilarious. I think this is a good way to establish that taking the time to cook a healthy dinner is an important part of the day.