Friday, July 16, 2010

Put on Your Listening Ears

Use this game when you need your child to remember their manners, such as a restaurant, movie theatre, or museum. Before you enter the building, gather your kids up and say dramatically “I have something important to tell you. Can anyone tell me what type of ears we need to wear in the museum?” After your kids tell you the correct answer, say “You are right. Let’s put on our listening ears. I think that mine are in my shoe.” Dramatically pretend to pull your ears out of your shoe and put them on while your child does the same. Have your child find his listening ears and pretend to put them on. You can also do this with walking feet or inside voice. If you child forgets their manners, whisper to her, “You must have put your listening ears back in your belly button when I wasn’t looking. Let’s find them again and put them back on.”

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